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At Sweven Media, we take pride in helping restaurants in Toronto to become the brand they want to be. Our goal is to make you the best in your industry through with your story, provide the exposure you deserve and gain an organic audience who will become your loyal brand advocates.

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Our brand is better known by mainstream market after we worked with Sweven Media, which brought us a huge increase on sales.


CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Owner

The outcome was outstanding after we worked with Sweven Media, from a loss to earning, we cannot make it without professional suggestions. Sweven Media is the best in solving problems and promoting for restaurants.

Frank Liu

Owner of KaKa All You Can Eat

It has been a pleasure working with Sweven Media as our branding specialist, event planner and public relations manager. Closs and his team have a proven ability resourcefully manage and prioritize multiple campaigns simultaneously, with their high level of integrity, connectedness, persistence and going beyond the call of duty.

Ernest Lam

Operation Director of Morals Village


To work together with our clients as a team to generate awareness and maximize brand exposure

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Public Relation/ Influencer Marketing

Generate word-of-mouth to make you the topic of every conversation.

Digital Marketing

Reach targeted consumers using various social media channel strategies that work best for your brand.

Growth Hacking

The secret to a successful business is an emotional attachment, and we know how to bridge that gap between you and your consumers. Most importantly we know the way to make your marketing message loop.


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